This is your opportunity to not only spend your well-earned money on a mere package holiday intended for the average traveler, but to get involved in the personalised process of carving an itinerary to your individual and personal specifications!  Your tailor-made safari at Namvic starts by us listening to your wishes, thereafter embarking on crafting the ideal African adventure with you.  Variation in prices depend on individual tastes, additions and requirements.

As some of our guests from Angola favour luxury accommodated voyages whilst others would prefer to embark on a less costly option of camping in the Namib Desert we make sure that your desires and budget cooperate, not forgetting about the “must-haves” of accommodation and activities on your wish list. Our safaris are made to measure while we continuously keep our knowledge and expertise up to date. Our superb team of tour consultants persist in discovering novel and thrilling places, faces and activities in and around Angola as we at Namvic enjoy showing and sharing far-flung and unusual locations; being basic or luxuriant, metropolitan or pastoral. All your consultants require from you is to reach out to them with details for your dream safari to start discussing options and potential itineraries with you. Facilitating the selection of your individually shaped safari is our specialty at Namvic.  We ably suggest a fitting journey by incorporating your likes and dislikes into your specially designed itinerary which can then be fine-tuned to your dream adventure.  All aspects will be agreed upon together with your consultant; activities, accommodation, meals or rental vehicle together with level of insurance, addition of further options to your mode of transport (e.g. GPS, compressor, satellite phone, 2nd spare tyre etc.).

Exceptional safari creation is our area of expertise at Namvic. By offering a direct and incomparable exchange between you and our tour consultant, we build a custom-made voyage ensuring direct exchange, eliminating misunderstandings by having to communicate with multiple stakeholders often resulting in confusion. By sharing all your requirements concerning the style of adventure you search for with our in-house tour consultants, we in turn can strive towards the construction of your desired tour without creating unnecessary extra costs. Understanding and appreciating each of our guests being diverse with individual wishes deserving of a special experience, we at Namvic regard ourselves as ambassadors of Namibia, making our guests feel welcome in our spectacular country, visiting well-loved places, sharing marvelous vistas and striking experiences with you.  Founded by Chris Sandmann, a reputable guide in Namibia and Angola for numerous years, Namvic persist in the sharing of enthusiasm, special experiences and recollections of this awe-inspiring place on earth with each one of our guests.

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To initiate the process of designing your adventure, please send an email to Lara tours@namvicsafaris.com or Stacey stacey@namvicsafaris.com or send a message (below) to us.

Pour demander d’information (devis location de véhicules, itinéraires, safaris) en français, merci de contacter Pascal france@namvicsafaris.com, ou Stacey stacey@namvicsafaris.com