Vehicle Hire

General information:

Safari vehicles:

• 10 seater seating capacity = 9 + 1 driver
• 10 seater windows seats = 6 – when booking, please specify amount of window seats required.
• 10 seater, trailer to be added for 6+ pax and for 1-6 pax, rear seats will be removed for luggage, if window
seats are requested, trailer needs to be added.
• 8 seater seating capacity = 7 + 1 driver
• 8 seater window seats = 5
• 8 seater have luggage compartment, inform clients to bring soft luggage
• camping tours always book trailer
• Tyre insurance not available on all safari vehicles irrespective of which insurance option booked.


• Namvic can provide French, German and English speaking guides

Nissan/Toyota/Ford Ranger double cabs:

• Budget 2013/14 models; please note although we take good care of our fleet and vehicles are in good
condition, please inform your client, that these vehicles have higher mileage and used equipment. Always
inform your client what year model you have booked for them.
• Nissan double cab vehicles have a slightly smaller interior in the back compared the Toyota Hilux, ideally for
groups of 4 adults we advise booking a Toyota Hilux or Ford ranger
• Always inform your client to travel with soft luggage, especially when a camping equipped vehicle Is
• Namvic does have automatic vehicle, please request when booking.
• Super excess cover includes only 1 tyre per vehicle, Namvic offers additional insurance for the other three
tyres @ 18 USD per day for Nissan, Toyota and ranger double cabs, not applicable to safari vehicles.

Extra Equipment:

• Sat phone 11 p/day
• GPS 7 p/day
• Roof tent 7 p/day
• Fridge 7 p/day
• 12v compressor 15 p/rental
• Jerry can 2 p/day
• 20l water canister 5 p/rental
• baby seat 25 p/rental